Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Horde So Far

Well here are pictures of the Chaos I have mustered so far. I have done considerably more army building then I said I would on my original post to about double that was in the battalion box set. I will of course be buying another box to boost the ranks further. You just can beat the value and it will boost my smaller unit of marauders to a horde, a mighty 10 Knights, some more Warriors to boost the ranks of my current units and some more flesh and blood shield Warhounds to screen the more expensive units.

Total breakdown so far is 3x12 units of Warriors, 1 unit with additional hand weapons, another with shields and the last as Chosen using retro Warriors with the mutations sprue they came with. A 40 man unit of Marauders with Flails and a 28 man unit with shields. 10 Warhounds, 5 Knights, a Sorcerer and Krom.

As I stated in my last post I wanted to get a unit of Warriors painted. So I started the Chosen with a quick coat of red and gold for a Khorne look, but after further deliberation I have decided to paint all my army in the black undivided scheme so I can field them however I wish. So back to the spray can I go!! I will this month be getting the entire army under coated. However I have just bought the Island of Blood box set so I need to get the High Elves off the sprues and built so I can give the Skaven to Rich. So again it seems that building will be the main priority this month. Which is handy because painting takes me ages and this month is always a busy month for me with family birthdays etc. all through till Xmas!! So I will keep chipping away at everything and you never know I might actually finish an army one day!! Cya on the battlefield!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Here is my latest purchase, a Chaos Warriors Battalion (I got the codex too) in all its sprue'y glory!! Now follows my favourite part of the hobby - building the army.

It is my goal to get the entire battalion built before I go out on the lash Saturday. And since its Tuesday I thought I'd get cracking with the first rank of the Warhounds you get in the box.

It is my intention that none of the Warhounds will be the same. And this trend will continue throughout the army as much as I can so that even though there will be a uniformity about the army in its colour scheme (BLACK!!), each model will be its own in a typically chaotic fashion.