Friday, 11 May 2012

A Quick Update

Well most of you have seen my Chaos on the field but here are the 3 newest additions, a Lord and 2 giants including one of the forge world variety :D

Since I now have a bit of time on my hands the Warriors and their mindless Marauder drones will be getting some paint on them soon enough, but with such a large amount of them its a bit daunting!!

Contrary to popular demand I will not be painting all my Chaos different colours like Lee. Its a good idea and it looks nice but I want my army to look like a unified army. So they will be BLACK!! I intend on having the same colours for items running through the army so they so look unified on the field.


  1. Is that traditional black, or can't be arsed to do more than undercoat them and stick some metal on? lol

  2. I think the undivided scheme looks cool!! Im thinking of having a colour running through the army though. Im thinking red because im settled on red banners with black chaos symbols on so abit of red on the armour or a wash on their cloaks should do the trick.

  3. Wimp! I really like that giant and when i'm richer i'll be getting one too :)